Hi guys, I'm a new poster and I come seeking any hints and tips that are on offer. I never considered my game to be 'off' but i recently started reading 'the game' and my sexual thirst has increased. I am an 18 year old boy studying at university in England and I have recently become involved in a difficult situation involving some of the females in the flat across the corridor from mine. In the first 2 weeks I got jiggly with a small, posh and ever so slightly chubby girl (we shall call her jane) who not only is my neighbour but my class mate as well. My friends told me not to bother because inevitably she would clasp on and things would get ugly but in my usual ignorant and horny ways I continued regardless of the early signs of crazy clingyness and had a 2 week fling with her. I ended this relationship after she told me that I couldn't end it when I wanted, from then on I just decided to avoid any conversation with her that could rekindle her fire for me or could be considered . Fast forward 3 weeks awkwardness gone, sense of hate and resentment *heightened ( due to her general attitude to life and my friends). In these 3 middle weeks I kissed a fair few girls in the clubs and had a very bad experience with a girl with bad vaginal hygiene which involved lying through my teeth so I could leave her flat, after that in stepped a girl called Mary (fake name again). This girl is my type, nice smile good personality intelligent and she is hot. Oh and she lives in the room opposite Jane. This is where my actual question comes in. Last week she broke up with her boyfriend of 5 months and the sexual Tension was very high, she even said so herself, and 20 minutes after the break up we were on the sofa making out. 10 minutes later she stands up and says that she has got it out of her system and that she needed to go to bed. The next night we were in the pub getting merry and our flirtatiousness was at a max. When we arrived home I went into her room and sat on the bed, I used a few of Neil Strauss' moves and instantly she was on top of me. We both got naked and I started fingering her, she then gave me a noshie (handjob with some mouth action), I went to go down on her and she said no she was stil hung up on her ex. Cue her spilling out her heart. 3 days later and a night in (me getting drunk her staying sober) and she comes to my room with me at 3.30 in the morning to watch some tv. My expectations were stupidly but understandably high going into said event, after last time I was expecting the same thing as last time if not more. She was giving me ioi's left right and centre until the expression on her face switched like last time and she said she couldn't proceed. She stayed in my room for the night but nothing happened. This is where my question comes in, how do I proceed from here? I'm stumped to say the least and any advice at all will be hugely appreciated.
Regards, *MasterKush.