I used to be a shy guy and with much work I have broken that pattern. I am also fortunate enough to be great looking, in shape, smart, stylish, plenty of time and a good job so all the foundation is solid. Over the past year I have been getting used to what kinds of women are out there as well as getting closer to understanding my own personality in the context of others and in fact for the night game even helping out some friends.

I have been dating a few women this year but I have three challenges.
1. my standards on a woman are fairly rare. I like a woman who is sexy, smart, plenty of sexual confidence and willing to let the relationship part grow naturally (so many women once they like someone try to immediately make a relationship out of everything).

2. I dont have a large social circle and I prefer it that way and my job is somewhat done in Isolation so physically there isn't a ton of opportunities unless I make an effort which in my city is entirely possible but its not part of my normal day to day.

3. I often have 'relationship blockage' until I get my bucket list done and this is my bucket list. I feel this bucket list is important because I will always 'wonder' but never know.

I consider myself good at the night game but I have zero day game, so on my bucket list is to approach a woman at a grocery store, mall, park or other 'common' areas. I don't want to sit around waiting until I can stay out late so I can go out and spend money, be wary of drinking (and the negative affects it has on my exercise!) and the like. Also I feel in order to find a sexual confident playful woman I have to be sexual confident as well. I have to 'be' what I am looking for so to speak.

Also, I suspect that the kind of woman I am looking for (I call her the 'Cadillac' woman) is likely going to find her date before weekend bar time anyway and that is assuming she doesn't already have a boyfriend. Also, if we already have a 'caller' (what I call someone of intrest) that person is not going to be asking a lot of questions as to why you want to go to the grocery store on a week night instead of why you are not with her on a Friday night. My fantasy is that the wild, sexy fun women I am looking for are actually getting coffee at the mall while looking for a new pair of shoes rather than being out on friday night with 4 of her other girl friends. I will not be able to have a relationship until I test this fantasy theory out.

So I am here for a bit of support, commit to specific goals, communicate results and the like.

Wish me luck.