Hi everyone, I'm Jury! I'm a college freshman who's just moved to a dorm this most recent fall semester. I also have a lot of trouble with women. But, hey, first step is admitting you have a problem right?

Unfortunately, my (lack-of-)girl problem is compounded with something else that's very difficult to work with. I suffer from a non-verbal learning disorder, which for those unfamiliar could be described as something like a milder form of Asperger's. This means a deficit in emotional and non-verbal intelligence making people difficult to understand and relate to, which, frankly, makes a lot of women seem like people from another planet sometimes. It's my hope and dream to better myself, develop masculine characteristics, and have a more satisfying sex life through overcoming the obstacles before me. I'm glad to see such a large and active community of men from all walks of life who want to see men doing better both with and for women, and look forward very much to learning from everyone here that I might be a part of that. Peace!