Hello puaforums users,

I am WereWolfBoy. I'm 19 years old and live in the Netherlands. I used to be this dorky, little, fat kid. I always had really low self esteem. These days it's not so bad. However I have never had a girlfriend. I'm a virgin, in fact I have never even kissed a girl.
About 9 months ago a new girl started working in the place I work. The moment I saw her I was in love. I think at that time I already started reading The Game. I wasn't really interested in picking up girls, I just wanted to know how I could if I ever wanted to. But now with this new girl that perspective changed.
The first 6 months I knew her I might have talked to her 5 times. The last couple of months I'm trying to show her that I'm a fun person. The problem is, she knows I'm interested. This is a major DLV, since in her eyes she doesn't deserve that.
The past month I have had the plan to tell her some dhv's and start a little bit of Kino Escalation. But I have major Approach Anxiety. At this point I can have small talk with her but DHVing and congruence testing is to hard on me.

My experience with 'the game' is the following:
- the game
- Mystery Method - the venusian handguide
- The pick up artist season 1 and 2

I do go out to clubs. But not to pick up woman. Since I'm not interested in 99% of them.

I've been browsing this site for help a couple of times. So today I decided to join.

I'll see you guys around,