Hello im new to this forum and i would some like really good advice on getting a girlfriend but first i want to introduce myself. My name is Julain am a 21 year old man, i live in Carlisle, England i love animals i love pc games like world of warcraft, battlefield 3, im not a nerd btway, I like drawing and painting woman which i am good at, i am also i a big fan of shunya yamash1ta who's a manga artist that draws really beautiful girls with flowers in their hair i love going out to places but i am fairly limited because of my colitis keeps stopping me from going out. I use to suffer from severe anxiety because of what happened in the past but im alot better now thanks from the help of a self confidence builder that i worked with, but still have trouble with meeting new people in new places unfortunately but most of the time im ok with going out its just when i get really anxious.

Anyway ive bin trying to get a girlfriend for a long time but never have succeeded in it and ive bin asking loads of people for some advice on how to go about doing this but nothing has worked, so this is why i joined PUA Forums because i want some serious help from you guys so what advice can you give me?

thnx Julian