Yoooo -

Well, I used to be really active here, then I found a girlfriend, lost time to post, but I've been single for like 7 months now. Instead of worrying about girls I focused on bettering myself and I just joined the military. I have 4 months before I ship to bootcamp, and I want to get my skills back and meet some great women again. I miss having women in my life. These forums always kept me motivated and my skills sharp. It's not that I am terrible or something, but I'm kind of stuck in one of those grinding dry spells. I also graduated from college and I'm not involved in anything social (I have friends and I'm a gymaholic, but even at the gym I don't meet chicks because I'm in there busting my ass and can't worry about that stuff there), so I'm not around any women and I need to figure out how to get back in the game.