I have come to learn the game about 1 month ago I am reading ATM 3 books and understood what I never knew before , don't get me wrong I was not an AFC but I had scored only 4 so far and I'm 20 . I have high standards for women so all that 4 women were high class and one of them I even tried to marry after we lived together . I was in a very long relationship and after we broke up I scored the other 3 without any information on PU but eventually I wanted to learn how to manipulate any woman I want . And then Somehow I got that book "the game" it was really interesting to read it and I discovered lots of new stuff about woman and social manipulation that Mystery have been doing in that book . Anyway I haven't finished the book yet but what I want to say is reading this book improved my inner game and sens I'm serving at military air force I'm home only few days every 2 weeks I had time to read and take actions and to tell you the truth I was surprised how easy it can become once you open sets without hesitation and talk to people you improve yourself .
I'm currently trying to master this topic and become good MPUA

This was Klaus and that's my introduction.