Hey there, my name is Sleeps, and I recently discovered the world of PUA about a month ago. I decided to investigate further and realized that there is terminology on what I was doing.

I guess I have my own techniques that I have been using to pick up girls and befriend valuable people.

I have been jaded so much in the past, that I developed various theories on how to approach people. I have been using my methods(which do resemble some on/in the forum) for a long time. Through out my use of these skills, I have a joined a fraternity in college, received various job offers, and have been class president, representative and so forth(you get the idea)

If I only knew about this community earlier, and I mean like 8 years earlier, then maybe I would have progressed much further. I'll be back to chime on what worked for me, what I read, and what I discovered. Don't get me wrong, I did not come here to become a guru, I do want to LEARN more.

Well, I'll just leave this post this size, cause if it were any longer, all of you would fall asleep.

Lastly, I would like to say that I am NOT selling books, events, or anything else.