hello Gentlemen, a little advice from the pro's please?

she and i are both in dead, unhappy long term relationships, and have known each other for years. we live in different states, but meet up every few months. i had a small thing for her long time ago (my partner's BFF).

a few months ago we both got drunk at a club and got talking, and i asked why she and i never hooked up? told her that i thought we were both in wrong relationships etc..and told her that i had a small crush. she came on to me big time, necking, biting and attemped to kiss me, but i had to resist because there were a lot of people around who knew us both. she said she never speaks to my partner about this kind of stuff at all, shes really discreet. There she disclosed to me that she has already cheated on her partner a few times, and is really unhappy w/him.

a few months later comes back, and when we get drinking (not as drunk as before), starts telling me again that she's cheated on her man, but this time went into more detail, and asked me if i have ever done the same? the dude she slept with is a frind of hers, and they still are friends.

we txt flirt all the time and spend time together (hot yoga, movies etc..), but im not sure what type of signals im getting here? she is very very comfortable around me (will walk around half naked, in thong etc..) ever since our drunk time a few months ago, she has paying attention to me more (little details she remembers about me - random stuff) and txt's more often. she tells me im a fun, guy and she really likes clubbing with me (the two times we went out?) and is looking forward to the next time we both can get really drunk alone.

i never actually kissed her (just lots of Kino and groping), and really really want to sober, but am afraid if i attempt it, and get rejected because she may not think of me that way...?