Hey forums. I've been a long time reader of PUA material (going on 2-3 years now) and even check this website from time to time for openers and negs. I recently decided that reading other peoples post will give me some material, but if I want to take full advantage of this site I need to balls up and start asking for help myself.
So here's some info about me. I'm 21 and my score is 2. 1st point from a long distance relationship i maintained for 3 years where I only saw her for a couple months at a time where we screwed like jack rabbits. I eventually dumped her because I couldn't get her to do anything but have sex and she wasn't even putting effort into turning me on anymore. Pretty much just expected me to hop on and bang her out for 3 hours every night.
Point #2 was from a 4/10 I met recently and she was kind of cool but it was nothing more than casual sex. I slept with her 3 times and by the third I was bored to tears (not literally, please don't find me and torch my house).

So I've managed to establish myself as somewhat of the Alpha male is several of my social environments and I definitely learned to make women feel attracted to me and find me interesting more than the men around me. My problem is without the aid of alcohol my openings and closings are beyond weak and I am sure I give off a somewhat nervous vibe.

Any tips guys. Also I have an online dating profile I would like some guys to take a look at and help me make some changes to but I won't post it where people can find it via googling so please pm me if you're willing to give me a hand.