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    Default Need help with cute girl from uni

    Ok so today I asked this girl out and here's how it went: Me: do you want to see a movie sometime?
    Her: Sure I enjoy hanging out with you
    Me: You realize what I'm asking right? (confirming it was a date)
    Her: I have an idea yes
    Me: So you'd consider this a date (again trying to conform it)
    Her: Ummm
    Me: We'll see where it goes. Her: Ok that sounds good.
    What does this mean? She was smiling the whole time and she didn't hesitate at all when I asked her out. Also how long should I wait to text her and set up a time and place (since she had to go right away we didn't have time to work this out) By the way I definitely got The Vibe that it was a date. I texted her tuesday asking about this past Saturday and she said that she would be busy for two weeks due to school, work, etc. Then I see on facebook that she came home at 3 am (she made it her status) did she flake on me or is it possible she had those plans in place? How many days should you give between when you ask her out and the date? Is she stringing me a long?

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    Default Re: Need help with cute girl from uni

    friendzone.. after u asked to make it a date, she freaked out.

    now she'll keep flaking and excusing herself, she's a nice girl, but she's not into you unfortunately.... move on time.

    next time, make it a date WHEN you see the girl, not prior, because girls stress about dates a lot, and they make a lot more effort if it's officially a date.. hangouts are more casual and let things buildup from there.

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