I was out with a mate of mine a while back and we came up with a game that I think is a good way to get over aa. It may sound a bit school boyish but its good fun in the write club, the one we were in happened to be full of students who are always up for a laugh (which helps).

We made a bet who could get the most amount of numbers in 20 minutes. When we opened to the girls we explained to them strait what we were doing-that it was a bet to get the most numbers. When doing it you have to have your wing close by so you can point them out so the girls can see them doing the same. It also works well to have some banter going back a forth between you and your wing, this shows your doing it in a playful way and having fun.

By the end of it some girls were even getting involved telling us to ask their fiends as well, and asking who was winning.

This isnt a way of getting numbers, but to get you approaching a large amount of girls in a short amount of time. Just as a bit of practice to get over AA.

Let me know what you guys think of it.