Hey was up guys,
new to the forum and just wanted for anybody who is still a virgin
to not make this recent mistake I made:

So my marine friend Carlos came back from korea, and i met up with him

Also his best friend Chris (who i haven't seen in over a year) also met up with us

Chris brough along two friends

So me + carlos + chris + 2 = 5 dudes

5 dudes who are all drunk

Carlos is a really big player, i mean he is addicted to sex so he will fark any girl, super hot and super ugly (as i found out that night)

Carlos said he has this "girl", because he is a player i thought she was gonna be hot...but noooooooooooooo she was horrible

So 5 dudes and this girl went to a hotel....

Now as terrible as that sounds, it did not bother me...in fact, i like the fact that my first time was so crazy...it was an experience

But what i want to teach you guys.....no matter HOW DRUNK you are, do NOT fark an ugly girl

I am still disgusted to this day