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    Smile My Brazilian Game

    Hi Guys. All good with you?

    Well.. First of all I'd like to apologise myself for my English. I'm Brazilian and I'm still learning English! =P

    So... Firstly, I'm gonna tell you quickly how I found out abt PUA community.
    I was in the middle of a Uni class when a mate came to me and asked:
    'hey buddy, have u ever heard abt PUA?'
    'wow.. never heard.. wt the fuc* is that?'

    SO.. my journey had begun: My friend sent me a PDF book called: "MODE ONE".. I read the book and got really interested in it.. Afterward, I've been reading Neil Strauss ('the game') book and than, I found out this on-line community..

    To be honest, I never had big problems with picking up girls. BUT, with this book and this community, I've been improving heaps my skills. There were things I usually have been doing without the 'PUA theory' but, most of the skills that I'm gaining, is from a lot of new topics in here.

    Therefore, I'm here to share with you one good technique my friends and I developed.
    I don't know how many of you had been to Brazil... The art of picking up women here is a bit different than other parts of the world I've been b4...
    I was in Australia doing a 9 months' exchange to learn English and I had the opportunity to meet girls from EVERYWHERE (literally).

    Well.. As soon as I came back to Brazil, I told my friends loads of my own histories and we decided to make a competition.. It is called 'Sinatra's Competition' and it runs for a whole year.
    We have 4 categories (There is no translation to our terms.. So I'll adapt them):
    #1- Corrida dos comilões (Root's Race): Win who roots more girls -> Doesn't matter the 'quality'
    #2- Barangômetro (Beauty's race): Win who roots more very beautiful girls
    #3- ISH: Índice de Safadeza Humana (Index human naughtiness): Win who roots more horny girls
    #4- CI: Competição internacional (International competition): Win who roots more international girls

    Well.. It sounds a bit funny and, maybe, a bit childlike... BUT, with this game, I've been improving a lot my skills...

    We do have rules for each category (if anyone's interested, just ask me and I'll write down everything detailed). To sum up how it works, we did a huge Excel table which we filled in with girls details and with some maths and formulas, it showed the winner in each category during the year.
    (I can upload a Sinatra's Competition Table translated if u want to have a look)

    Well.. OK.. You must be asking yourself: Why this fckn' Brazilian is writing it here?
    The answer is: I'm VERY competitive and, to win this competition, I had to focus and create something to organise myself to be on the top of ALL categories.

    Solution: Create my own table
    Finally, we got to the important part.. I really enjoy hanging out with friends to nightclubs, bars, HP etc... Every single night we hang out, I get, at least, one new girl's contact.. So I had to keep it organized.

    I created my own table and it has 3 different sections:
    #1-> Past and +/- recent contacts
    #2-> Future Investments
    #3-> History

    Lets start:
    #1: In this section I wrote down all the girls that I had already pumped in the year.. So, the columns are: 'name'; 'phone'; 'horny level' (0-10: it shows whether the girl is naughty or not), 'sex quality level' (0-10: it shows if the girls knows how to smash), 'last history' (last time I rooted her), 'comments' (like: 'knows how to make a good blowjob' or 'likes anal'.. etc...).
    So.. I just needed to fill it in with my past experiences.. It was a VERY GOOD deal to do it coz I could keep in touch with most of them and when I had nothing to do, I could just call them and say: 'Hi. How u doing? Lets fuc*?' hahaha

    #2: This is THE MOST IMPORTANT section coz I wrote down all of girls I want to pump. So, the columns are: 'name';'phone'; 'where I met'(important to know in order to not forget the moment u talked to her); 'date' ; 'comment' (like: 'sexy but shy'; 'farking stunning girl but complicated'); 'beauty's level' (0-10: it a note of the girl's 'quality').
    Yeah.. So.. As I said, this section is the most important coz the girls you are 'aiming' are there.
    Moreover, I also do one more important thing: Different colours shades in the background(you know when u just change de colour of the cell's background?!). I use orange for my 2012's goals (girls I MUST root 'till the end of the year), blue for ripe/dtf(ready/down to fuc*), green for 'needs more investment'(it means: the girl is not so easy so I should take it more seriously if I wanna slam them) and white for 'not so important'(I use it for girls that can be an option but Im not really interested in).

    #3: This is my own control: I just put in the correct order the name of all the girls I rooted and the date:
    "Débora Cunha 10/06/2011
    Rosanna Freire 18/06/2011
    Helene Claire 20/06/2011"

    Well.. I dont know how many of you read everything I wrote.. haha But, I hope I could have helped some of you! =)

    Any puzzle, don't hesitate to ask me!

    see you guys

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    Default Re: My Brazilian Game


    Oh man that's awesome! I laughed HARD at the competitions, because I did some of those myself.

    I'im with you buddy, I'm Brazilian as well. The culture is different, but the game is LARGELY the SAME!

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