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    Default How do I get started

    Hi guys I'm a 20 year old virgin nearly 21 and really want an attractive girl to loose my v-card before I'm another year older. I've had a slight interest in PUA for a year but I just didn't know how to ease myself into doing it. I fear rejection, very shy and have kissed one girl and a few when i was wasted. A few girls look at me and smile in that way and I get the feeling they think I'm attractive, but I don't know what i'd say to them to get their number and then get them into bed with me. I've started reading the book 'The Game' by Neil Strauss it's an entertaining read but not exactly helpful just told me more about the PUA community. But what made me sign up to this forum was last week when i was in class on the computer (all men in my class, well it is engineering afterall), I'd made a little origami shape out of my bus ticket and left it lying on the table then a fat guy from another class picks it up and says;
    'Who made this?'
    Guy next to me: 'Dunno was here when I got here'
    Fat Guy: ' I bet whoever made this is very frustrated'
    Guy next to me:' Don't blame him I would be aswell he would be doing CAD'
    Fat Guy: ' Well I bet he's reaaaallly frustrated.'

    That passing comment got to me and I started to think I am frustrated, SEXUALLY frustrated. I need a girlfriend badly, my sexual frustration is coming out in other ways like I'm not as relaxed as I used to be and feel coiled up tighter than a spring getting annoyed by my housemates comments when we talk about crap in the house like '"close the door when cooking to stop the fire alarm going off'. 'it's a smoke alarm it detects smoke' 'well just keep the door closed please' 'well it detects smoke not fire'" he always likes to have the last word and corrects what I say. I don't say anything back, I just get more frustrated and miserable. If it wernt for going to the gym or writing this I'd never be able to let out my frustrations.
    Yeah so I gotta say thanks for reading this, it's a lenghty one (thats what she said) any advice i really need to get out and get some numbers and kisses at least!

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    Default Re: How do I get started

    well I believe that the "that's what she said" jokes should be a no..and I found The Vibe by Bill Preston to be great.

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