Hi there guys,

I am an AFC living in Mexico, so dating dynamics works differently i guess, but not that much. Im 18 and I like to date girls of 18-20. Im still virgin, and never kissed a girl before. Being honest Im good looking, not really shy, but I am messed up somewhere. I do actually interest girls, who ask me for dates, but then i blew it up. I dont like night clubs, and i consider myself smart but more than is good for me. I think I lack confidence, and im too exigent. Only date up 8s, which is harder in Mexico, sadly less hot chics.

Up today I have 2 target girls, an 8-Smart girl who i think is after me, and I already built rapport with. But have no idea how to make progress. And an 8.5 Girl, who is from my social circle, and has given some IOIs, but is obsesed with a guy that doesnt cares about her.

Thats pretty much it