Hey guys, My names Jaani, I finally joined the forums after results came up in google searches rather frequently. This is kinda long, yeah, but I'm not some douche pretending I know whats best for me, I'm coming here understanding my limitations and asking with open arms for full on help. I read some other people's intros and it looks like you guys are cool with that.

I'm a college freshman at Cornell university, which if you don't know is located squarely in buttfark nowhere. It's both good and bad... Ithaca, the city Cornell is a part of, is filled with almost nothing but college students, but it also means there is a very, very limited set of options for just stuff in general, like stores and activity places and such.

Not sure how much of my life story I should spill, I guess I'll try to give enough so that anyone who would be good at helping me will be able to.

I'll start with my goal, I want to be able to see a girl, in a realistic setting to talk to her, a girl that looks good in my mind. Then be able to talk to her, get her number, and within a few days f-close, even a week, hell. day game is really my focus here, because the president of the university is REALLY cracking down on frats, and so for the rest of the year there's very, very few open parties.

I guess I could try to explain what my troubles are, mostly just a complete failure in execution, of everything. I've read the game, one of my friends has guided me through the whole process and told me things you're 'supposed' to do, and he was always 100% right... but I never seem to do things right on my own.

I've had three girlfriends, and when I look back and heavily analyze everything I did in the process of getting them, it was all perfectly done, almost 'by the book', but dragged out over a longer period of time and I wasn't doing it intentionally. I just happened to be cocky and also funny, I happened to ask for her number without thinking, and I think it was because they all just found me attractive. I've spent most of my life trying to make myself look good because I didn't know how to act around girls so I figured I might as well do what I could do on my own (until my friend showed me the whole pua world).

My current situation at college is that, nothing works. I'm a freshman, 19. Things just never work, I see a girl sitting by herself at a table, join her, talk (but our talk is sh1tty and i'm not doing kino, i realize later) get her number, text halfheartedly for a day or two and then never talk again.

I'll then look up articles on banter, and kino, and c&f, and maybe if I review them right before I talk to a girl, I'll do a little better, but I'll just choke up half the time and there's always awkward silences.

sometimes everything just clicks and the conversation flows great and I am doing great original C&F and she's laughing and giving IOIs
but I forget kino or don't ask for her number or something and the worst part is I don't even know how I performed that well in the conversation, I don't know what made it just 'work'.

Oh, and this might be something you guys are more familiar with newbies coming in with as a problem, but I have pretty bad 'mood swings', if a girl reacts well to my attempts to talk to her and be funny, I'm in an unshakeabley amazing mood for the rest of the day. If she is cold, awkward, doesn't text/call me back, I fall into the deepest pits of despair.

I'm willing to talk to whoever, tell you whatever, try new things... I've already gotten over the "but I don't want to be a robot spitting lines" thing, if that's at least something. I've finally developed a pretty good "cocky funny" attitude that just started to come naturally to me, and when I look up the lines you guys have posted in places its like yeah I know just how to say that... Its how I act when i'm in a great, funny, social mood.

and then when I'm actually talking to a girl, I end up sounding like an honest, trustworthy, boring AFC. I can't hold that mood. Even if I'm not nervous, I'll be comfortable then realize after talking to a girl how ineffably average I sounded.

alright enough textwalling, if you skipped to the bottom for a tl;dr, here it is

I'm in a college student only environment, I'm not a hopeless virgin, but I have a bad temperament that results in reverting to a safe, boring attitude instead of my perferred comfortable c&f-like mood when around girls and I haven't gotten anywhere with them since high school. I want to be able to run day-game very, very well, so I can see a girl that looks cute, get to know her and have sex with / breif relationship without undue struggle and with a high success rate.