Hi everyone,

So I'm not unfamiliar with this place, as I've been led here before via google searches. However, this is the first time I'm making an account. I got out of a serious relationship about a month ago, and I'm hoping some time here will help me shake off the rust and get back into the dating game... and hopefully learn some new things!

I'm not a PUA, but I'm definitely no AFC either. I guess my weaknesses right now are just my rusty pick up skills, and I'm also pretty selective about who I talk to, i.e.: I don't chat up just any girl. Sometimes I'm just not feeling it, and other times I'm intimidated. I'm also weak on dealing with AMOGs, and I notice that I'm not as fluid and natural with my pick ups as I want to be, i.e.: I'm relying on a few canned routines too much. I guess it'll just take time and effort to work on my skills.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope to learn a lot from everyone.

- C