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    Default What went wrong :)

    OK so that this is my first post so please, take it easy on me. Actually, scrap that just tell me how it is as that's the only way for me to improve.

    So I bought the books and started reading over the last couple of weeks, The Game, Rules of the Game, Bang, a load of other behavioural sh1t to keep me ruminating about conquering my fears. Thought I would try some things out tonight to experiment whilst in Derby on a night out.

    Was with a mate tonight who knows jack about the Game and so had to try this on my own.

    First attempt at a bar and went up to a table of 5 girls, got a conversation going and definite ioi with target but they were leaving and apart from getting the info on next place they were going to had no time to get further as we're on way out.

    Went to next bar. walked in like a rock star, all smiles and loads of charisma, saw a table of 3 girls giving me the eye, went straight over as they were trying to take photos, took the camera and took the shots, told them they made a great photo, first girl told her sarcastically that out of all the people in there she looked like she was having the most fun and before saw her thought I was having the most fun etc, went down well, asked how they knew each other as two close friends and she was new friend, went over best friends routine which also went well.

    Anyway, just at that point her friend started to do the hand cutting across the throat move as if to say give it up. Is it because I had nobody to occupy the other two or because the friend I was with didn't look the part or did I screw up somewhere? Anyway I just said it was nice meeting her and wished her a good night.....but then tried to come back after 5 mins and do the number 7 routine which flopped and she told me that was a really bad line....I guess that was a mistake? But her loss anyway, I hope I can improve next time would really like some feedback to correct the errors and understand what happened. Still studying and picking things up and not taking anything personally, at least I had the balls to approach and the engage I guess and you only learn from the errors!!! Peace, Sangreal
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