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Unread 12-25-2011, 01:21 PM
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Default Is this a good pof profile? help me out i suck at this

i have been trying the web site POF(plenty of fish) because my friend told me he had hooked up with a lot of girls on it, so i have been trying my luck. I have not been getting a lot of hits. I think it could be two reasons
1) my profile is not doing me justice
2) bad openers
I figure i would try to fix the bio problem first, so be be as brutal as you guys want I am not afraid of criticism.

so the first box said ABOUT ME

"Well for starters I like pina coladas and long walks on the beach. I am brand spanking new to Ct and will be moving to Bethel in a few weeks. I am from Bronx, New York, I hope Ct can compare lol. I'm looking to make new friends to help me explore my new environment. I'm up for pretty much anything from tearing up the clubs to chilling and watching a few movies."

the next box is FIRST DATE

"Well for a first date i like to keep it simple; you know I don't wanna take a person i barely know out of their comfort zone. Coffee and a walk park or lunch and a movie ect. however that doesn't mean i'm not up for any thing more exciting; Sky diving on the first date i'm game lol"

so let me know what you think. Thanks.

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Unread 12-29-2011, 01:23 AM
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Default Re: Is this a good pof profile? help me out i suck at this

I'm kind of fortunate because my job get's me some periodic responses, but for the most part, you have to make the approach.

My favorite free dating site is OkCupid.com. I hope this isn't considered advertising, because I'm not trying to send a bunch of PUA's there. Don't want the competition...LOL.

Datehookup is ok, but PoF rates pretty low in my opinion. I only use dating sites when I'm bored though... I'd rather be out sarging.

As far as online dating goes... OkCupid has posted a bunch of their studies at blog.okcupid.com - check out their all posts section. Things that have been talked about here is this.

  1. Guys rate women by their pic's... Women rate men by their profiles and messages. Moral of the story, read a chicks profile and send them a message about something you found interesting in their profile. Also, I'm not sure that women care to be told how hot their pics are, they get that all of the time. They want to know that a guy finds them interesting, so do something a little different from the norm. Also, HB's already know their hot and need to be brought back to reality a little (read up on Mysteries neg theory). Average chicks are going to believe you and think that you are just trying to get down their pants and will probably not respond.
  2. Grammar. A lot of women are more interested in someone who can carry on a decent and intellectual conversation, so skip the U R a QT.
  3. Be creative and humorous. Chicks love a guy who can make them smile and laugh. Don't forget to ask open ended questions to give them a reason to respond... Hey wazzup? is not the open ended question that I'm talking about.
  4. Find something that you're passionate about and make your profile revolve around that. Even if the chick does not share your passion, the fact that your life has some sense of importance to you evokes a type of fascination in chicks. Since I'm a dance instructor, I always talk about teaching and performing. I can't tell you how many times I've told a chick how much I've learned about life through my understanding of dance.. Lead and follow, rhythms, patterns, ebb and flow, the dynamics and style of music, the symphony of life, connection with your partner, and general sensuality. It can be complete bullshit (which it's not in my case) and the ladies will still dig it. Fascination, mystery, and intrigue. Dare to be different and have meaning in your life.
I guess that's about all that comes to mind. I have been known to use canned messages, and even if I'm caught... it doesn't matter because if they respond with 'are you using a templated message?' I've got the conversation started.

If you want to be successful with online dating, the biggest thing is just to stay active with it and sort out what isn't working from what is working, but I still suggest developing your real life sarging skills. It's much more fun!

Peace and Good Luck,

Never give a sword to a man who can't dance.

Unread 03-01-2014, 05:13 PM
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Default Re: Is this a good pof profile? help me out i suck at this

Specifically, i'd take out the part about long walks on the beach and being there to meet new people. The intention is not something you need to hide (she is there to meet men and saying you are there to meet people sounds too much like you are trying to hide that you are there to meet girls. Take it out it's self- explanatory).

One thing you could also take out is the part about moving because it is too common and boring. This is blunt because I'm trying to help so I hope you know i am not trying to offend.

Your profile NAME is important, too. The FIRST thing she sees is your name and picture: make your name something that reflects your passion in life.

Online dating is convenient but also hard to stand out on. See, women who are on dating sites won’t just meet a guy right away. Keep this in mind when you are trying to schedule an in-person meeting. Rule of thumb: wait at least one week before asking a woman out (and this week is assuming you have had a back and forth conversation).

How do you message a woman that looks interesting? First, do not go messaging with a common “Hey.”

Find something unique about her that's specific and find common ground. For example, if her profile says: "I love animals," you would mention that you couldn't resist messaging her after you saw that. Think about what you have in common and reference that in some way.

You are doing this for a specific reason. Not only does it hook her and make her want to open your message it also makes you familiar to her. You are someone who has common ground and a shared experience.
Have a picture with other people to show you have friends
Don’t need pictures with girls necessarily just with other people having fun
Picture should be your best
Must have a picture (women won’t click on a profile without a picture) Starting up a conversation:
“Hey, your profile caught my eye because ____insert a detail specific to her profile. If she likes cats, mention you like cats. If she likes baseball, mention you like baseball and ask her favorite team. If she likes cooking, ask her what her favorite dish to cook is.”

Always ask her a question. If you don’t ask her a question, you decrease your chances to get her to respond.

Getting her to reply is the biggest challenge. Once she replies, it’s like she is “complying,” which means she said “yes, I want to talk to you.” Once she says yes, she will feel like saying yes again is the right choice. It’s a weird human tendency, but it’s especially true for women.

For example, if you send her a message like this what is she supposed to reply with?
“Hey, you’re cute”
“Hey, what’s up”?
“What’s up”?

If you sent something like, “If you had to choose…would you rather go to the beach and sit by a bonfire or go roller skating?” it gives her a real question and something to think about. Even if she hates the idea of going roller-skating, she’ll be more likely to respond to that message than a simple “hello.

Getting her phone number is a key part of online dating, since this is going to be what separates the guys she actually contemplates meeting versus the guys she might have conversation with but never goes past a few simple exchanges.

Here’s how to do it.

Lets say you and her are talking back and forth and having a good conversation. Tell her you are going to get off the computer, but want to continue the conversation. Leave your number and say, “text me if you want.”

Then, sign off. That’s it—leave it there. If she texts you, great and if not then move on because the more time you waste thinking about why she didn’t reply the less time you spend on girls who will go the distance with you.

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