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    Default Online Game Blueprint


    I want to establish a complete game plan for my online game on Facebook.

    I am targeting women which are living in a city which is 50 km away from my current location. They are usually college students. My goal is to get them to agree to dates as fast as possible AND agree beforehand to let me sleep at their apartment. I want to explain this by saying that I don't want to drive in the middle of the night back.

    My profile demonstrates high and a lot of social proof. So the only tweaking left to be done, is the actual "text game". I want to keep it strictly to text, because it is more convenient, doesn't cost anything and the margin for error is easier to control. I want to create a blueprint, which puts me on a pedestal and creates a very high level of attraction in her mind.

    My opener is a cold read:

    "Hey, do you have french relatives? You look french Smile"


    "Hey, do you have italian relatives? You look italian Smile"

    Any kind of nationality will do here. The idea is, to make her more aware of herself and less focused on the actual conversation. It is also a good way to avoid the usual chit chat every other guy, throws at her.

    Usual answers from girls are:

    "Not that I know of"
    "No, but I've been told this before..."
    "My father is french"
    "No, my roots are in X and Y"

    My reply is:

    "Very, very strange, you look like a french girl, just like
    from Paris. Have you ever been in Paris?"


    "No, but I've been to X"

    If she says "no", I answer:

    "You need to catch up on that. I've been lately in Paris/Rome/whatever. There is such a wonderful feeling in waking up early
    morning in Paris. You feel the sense of freedom when you get
    into the streets and head to the huge squares of the city. The
    bread, the fresh bread they sell in the morning is so
    pleasurable when tasted with wine; you can feel the pleasure
    and the freedom of Paris in your veins!"


    "Wow... I really need to catch up on that!"
    "You write so nice!!! I need to catch up!!!"

    The answers are very positive and energetic.

    Now, how do I continue the conversation now? I want to show little to no interest in her, demonstrate high value, keep the conversation flowing and attract her more and more. What do you suggest? Which directions would you go and how would your steps look like?

    Thank you for your help. I appreciate this community a lot!


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    Default Re: Online Game Blueprint

    Online is really tough. I think it only works for a small amount of people. I tried it for almost a year and never found girlfriend material.

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