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    Default Analysis and advices for progression with strange HB

    Hi guys.
    Before I begin i wanted to start off with giving off some general information about myself. I like women, but I tend to develop crushes on women with strange personalities. For instance, this strange girl - (shes really gorgeous for a Vietnamese. Her face is a 10, but she is really short and has no boobs)but she never really talks to anyone and shes soo quiet when she talks but shes sooo bright at the same time if that made any sense. anyways...
    Recently I have found myself to develop a crush on this girl that goes to the same art class as I do and I know its rather AFC but I've got the feeling that I do not want to mess this one up with her especially. Currently we have a week off due to public holidays and I found her facebook so I added her and decided to talk to her. btw I poked her after the conversation ended...

    me: (name of girl)!!!! DD

    her:hi (my name)

    me:How are you? I would have never expected you to use facebook but im glad Now I can get to know you better

    her: hihi
    i'm fine and wat about u???
    do u enjoy the weekend???

    me: wow wow slow down one question at a time
    weekend was both good and bad

    her: hihi

    me: we were supposed to have a sort of goodbye party for my friend bcuz hes not going to take the art class anymore
    and the party was nice we all had a chilled time
    except he wasnt there
    so it was pointless
    nevertheless fun

    her: really????why he choose to leave art class???do u know why??
    oh i get it u r a kind friend

    me: well he had issues
    a complete nonsense
    have you been to czech school?
    You would understand me if you did

    her: yeahhh i did and it was great hihi

    me: ah you lucky bastard
    I mean mine was great too

    her: you write lots than me,so don't say that i am)

    me: but you dont learn anything
    from czech school

    her: oh!! so u went to cazech school then

    me: jo

    her: no i did learn... only you haha

    me: ah damn you D
    but dont start to talk czech with me
    ill be like 'huh?'

    her: haha)
    heyyy!!!! don't say damn ok

    me: (her name) your too scary

    her: hihi kind ofD:
    wat r u doing???

    me: thinking of you
    how about you?

    her: what?????haha just joke right???
    uhm i am listening to music

    her: bcz i love music

    me: high five
    me too

    her: yeahhhhhhhhh

    me: but music is too broad

    her: yeahhh

    me: what kind of music does (her name) like?

    her: oh!!! (her name) like pop music..but happy oneDDD

    me: aahhh thats why (her name)s so happy all the time

    her: do u think so????
    yeah i' kind of happy all the time but not that muchD:
    i don't like sad music because i'm easy to cry

    me: no
    you dont look like someone who would even cry
    your always like this

    her: yeah i know but actually i am really easy to cry
    hihi i know that u don't believe me,but i'll believe myself then) haha
    ok papa (my name) i'm gonna out now

    Sorry for the long convo and two notices i think by papa she meant to say bye bye in a cute way (shes extremely cute) and
    I couldnt reply back to her for 16 minutes because our electricity went out.

    Anyways so guys lay it out im ready for critical comments thats how we change in the end.

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    Default Re: Analysis and advices for progression with strange HB

    not bad, but you're right, she's kinda... different

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    Default Re: Analysis and advices for progression with strange HB

    Very smooth. Try to end the convos is first as soon as you feeling it dying out. Have your intent in mind which will help you steer towards there instead of aimlessly spitting out game you don't need. Overall you did fine. Kudos.

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    Default Re: Analysis and advices for progression with strange HB

    seriously, how did you put up with that, soooo annoying - but all good, i would of put a neg behind the "thinking about you" comment, when she said "your joking right" you pretty much could of lined it up hard for a great neg.
    Men, we need to value our time more then we value women. This isn't to say women are not valuable. But who are we to believe in something so illogical, as men we should realize that without our time(life), we would not even be able to pursue women, but only our mother who gave us life. Why do we think we should prioritize them over our time(life) unless she is the one who gives me/my children life. Man is Sovereignty.

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