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    Default How to proceed...??

    So I'm a fairly new PUA, so I still find myself guilty of the AFC tendencies sometimes. I met this girl today at work, (I work at a deli and she was a customer). Solid interaction, and ended with her number and her happy to give it. I've heard mixed theories about how long to wait to text, but I"m of the school of thought that you should text the same day to keep you 'fresh' in their head. I texted her, and we wrote a few messages back and forth, and the mojo was pretty good. Her last message didn't require a response, so I didnt' text back. I dont' think I've screwed anything up, but I'm going to post our conversation on here. Please give me any advice/comments on how I played my part, as well as advice when the next best time to hit her up again would be, and how you would do so. Thanks for the advice.

    Our Conversation.

    Me: Hey pretty girl. Now you have my number too.

    Her: Haha hey what did you say your name was again? Ha sorry I'm bad with names

    Me: That's funny. Lol. Luke is the name. Better not forget it this time...

    Her: Well it's saved in my phone now soooo it would be really hard for me to forget it lol

    Me: Touche. Okay fine. You win this time. Don't get used to it though. lol

    Her: Boy you better just get used to losing

    Me: Lol. Not going to happen, chica. lol. You're in trouble now. It's on like Donkey Kong. lol

    Her: Haha alright i can handle it!

    This is where I stopped texting. Ideas/comments?

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    Default Re: How to proceed...??

    The rate of progress is relatively slow, but you are definately adding "predictable" humour... you need to not be SO innoccent and add some flavour to it before it gets boring.. so it's a good thing you STOP texting where you stop, because i yawned.

    Here's a modified version...

    Me: Hope that sandwich I made didn't poison ya!

    Her: Haha hey what did you say your name was again? Ha sorry I'm bad with names

    Me: that's a problem now isn't it, I don't see me forgetting your name.. KAYLA! what are we going to do about this?

    Her: I swear, I'm just brutal with names.

    Me: I hope your better at other things.. you get 2 tries to get my name before you have to find me at the store again for it.. it starts with an L

    Her: ooUUUu.. L___ or L_____ ??

    Me: you got it, it's Luke. Well, how about drinks and you can add my face to your phone so next time you have short term memory, you can at least cheat to win.

    Her: deal, tell me a date

    Me: I need to juggle a few things, get to you soon!

    this was just an alternate.. it created an interaction, created a gate to see her soon, demonstrated higher value since you left it under control and her waiting for you.

    simple rules you broke, too much "lol" and it was going in circles....

    hope that give insight for your next text session. Good Luck!

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