Hi everyone, I will begin by describing my situation as briefly as possible without missing details, followed by what my course of action was and finally why i need help or what i think i did wrong. Feel free to correct me and give me pointers.

Okay, so story begins 'bout 2 weeks ago. I met this girl at a party (about a 6, I'd say.). She was hammered, I had a few drinks but wasn't doing too bad. I ran some basics, a bit of push and pull, finally we started making out at the party, suggested we head somewhere more secluded. She took me back to her place, clearly stating she didn't want to have sex. (I knew what I was getting into) We went back, I settled for a for some fun, a K close and a number. Normally I wouldn't call/text back in this situation but she was confident, feisty and knew what she wanted, I like that. She went on vacation for a week so late last week I texted her. I followed the basics, kept it short, got to the point, never replied too quickly, said "Just thinking we should grab a coffee sometime this week, what do you say?" She said she's busy but would love to go the week after.

I waited it out a few days and today ran this little opener "Hey ____, you should really stop that!" her: "Stop what?" me:"Stop smiling and thinking about me. See, you're doing it...right...now " her: "haha solid line " me:"Really? Would a line that cheesy actually work on you? Be Honest!" her: "No" me: "Oh thank god, I hoped you weren't that easy Hows your day going?"
P.S. This opener is not mine, I used it off of this forum, i forgot the original poster but i take no credit!

At this point I got shut out, no reply. I tried using push/pull with some wit and cocky funny, but did I overdo it or screw up? I plan to not talk to her for another 2 or 3 days and then retry, any suggestions?

I think Suave wasn't as suave as he should've been.