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    Default Not seeing the girl much outside of school, only on msn/facebook

    So at my school, is this very pretty girl. And she's a sporter. She does swimming and water-polo. And she does it at a pretty high level (duno If I said that right in English but Im Dutch so excuse me haha). What this means is that she doesen't have much time to date etc.

    Well, I've found a way to get to her in an easy but I think cowardly way. She said she was on msn al the time. Duno if you guys in the VS know what that is but you probably know windows live messenger. But the conversation on the goes pretty bad, atleast thats what I think. Im trying to get the conversation on the road etc but whatever I ask state or say, she always says "haha" "no" "yes" and all those things. And I've been searching around on this forum and I know how to change that but the tips they give aren't "compatible" with the Internet.

    So my plan is to ask her out, but I don't know how she thinks about me etc. I probably just need to ask her out in real life but she's always "running away" because she has other stuff.

    So my questions are... Are you a coward for asking out a girl online through chatting?? and how can I change the conversation so that I actually can get her interested in me?? (byw im not good at the magic trick thing)

    O and another problem is is that Im way to quiet IN class. ANd as we see eachother in class It doesen't help being quiet if you need to be funny etc. And Im not shy walking up to someone and talking to them, but well, I hope that you know what I mean.

    The xxx in the end of a conversation increased to xxxxx*kissemoticon* ahhaha Is this a improvement?? haha

    So pro's of PUA Forums. Please show what you've got and help me haha
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