A long time ago my sister made me this account for this chat/dating site for people from 18 - 30 called Badoo. I stumbled upon it recently and decided to edit my outdated profile and see if I'd get some responses, just for fun.

However, I have zero experience with online dating. I'm getting chat messages from several girls and I don't know how to chat like a pick-up artist. I'm wondering if there are any good threads, articles or books for this type of site. The site is somewhere in between Facebook and any regular dating site. (you get to choose who you would like to meet or not and you can chat with anyone you like).

I've read online chats are much like texting. However, I don't know anything about these girls and they all open with a simple "hi" or "hi. how are you?".

I feel like it would benefit me to learn how to pick up online properly, since there are a LOT of women my age from my area on there. And they open me.