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    Default The Fish that keeps coming back

    I have been dating this girl off and on for the past few months. I have gotten really nowhere with her. I have been lightly reading over many post here and have used many tactics. She all but told me she wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship a few days ago because she is moving in a few months. I left it open ended with a bit of flirting. I ignored her for a few days. She text me and says she misses me.

    Backstory, I meet this girl through craiglist, we hang out go on casual dates. She is a very tough cookie to crack. She is distant, unattached, and but gets upset easily if you don't act like your showing enough attention.

    So I play the game, and have been for quite a while.(Note, I have dated several other women in the mean time.) So with some of the texting strategies and some of the Pandora stuff I have been paying attention to, I have stepped up my game, but no real game plan.

    I think I'm close. She now says, she misses me, and I reply 'Maybe we should do something about it."

    Her: Like?

    Me: I can't look at you without wanting me, we should hang out tomorrow night.

    Her: Your giving me too much credit, I am not that pretty.(Yes she is, half hispanic/native american-cute face, decent body).

    Me: yeah you are

    Her: you are the one who said I just pretty, and a ok body lol

    Me: Who told you that?

    text #2
    Me: Wow, did I say that? I wouldn't give me sex either. lol

    Her: Yeah, you talk yourself out of alot already lol

    Me: I must have been in an asshole mood. I do think your stunning, I wouldn't mind telling you that more often.

    Her: That would probably make me like you more.

    Me: I'm finnaly off work, what are you up to? (It's late)

    Her: Nothing in bed reading
    Her: Or about to start anyways lol
    Her: What are you gonna do

    Me: take a shower, no better offers lol

    Her: What type of offers are you looking for on a wednesday night?

    Me: Eh, the kind where I don't sleep alone

    Me: I guess I can't be anymore obvious. {Note, I screwed up with the second text right?? plus the dumb emoticon}

    Surprising enough she responded...

    Her: lol We wont' fit into my bed

    Me: my bed is big enough

    her: tomorrow?

    That's where Im at...dunno what I should say next...

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    Default Re: The Fish that keeps coming back

    Well this is pretty bad in my opinion. Your texting game ( and with assumption, real life game) is pretty weak.

    You backpedal a lot ( you should never apologize for past negs), you demonstrated low value with "no better offers" and "i want plans that will have me in someones bed" you made yourself look like a chump who's boring, no friends, and masturbate at home alone in the shower? Then SHE TOTALLY baited you with "Im not that pretty" and you replied , not only with "yes you are" but then you say you will tell her more often when she said " i will like you better if you tell me more often"

    Aside from your game....shes moving. I am assuming far away where you cant have anything with her. If that's the case.....move on. If shes still moving relatively close, this girl is totally stringing you along. She has the upper hand and she knows it. It seems like shes only talking to you for her ego boost, if she was really into you she would be more forthcoming about staying in touch.

    She definitely seems like damaged goods...... she is distant but freaks out if you dont give her enough attention? That sounds like a totally lopsided relationship. She clearly is making you jump through hopes just to see if you can. This goes beyond shit tests....this is her pattern. I say move on, i dont care how hot she is....she sounds like she is gonna crush your soul.

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