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    Default How to turn this around?

    Hello people!

    (I had some time to think this before posting it, and at the retrospective she is probably right (?) )

    Well, I am 21 and it seems I am always facing the same problem with women. They dont like honesty or people who say things as they are.

    In my general life I am pleasant and easy going but I love teasing people from time to time.

    In my love life I was and I still am single. Had some girls that approached me but I failed to realise their signals and missed my chances :/

    I usually either approach a girl or not at all. Prefer the distance of my pc screen thus came here. SO to the point!

    Today I was supposed to go with my buddy and meet some girls at the park to chill out and enjoy the sun, have the time to know them and know us and etc. Since weds he had arranged a meeting with the one he fancies at a location and they agreed. But today they jut texted that they went to another park and we should go and join them. SO we did. At the park we texted them to come and meet us at the x spot. My friend who has a crush with one of them told me they will come and that he wont go and look for them. I shorta like the one but not sure how to act as I met her only once and she was drunk. Anyways we never met, my friend was all melodrama about how he wont trust girls again and such and I took it lightly as I am pretty much used to let downs from girls

    When I went home I fb them the bellow:

    We made the effort and came over at museum gardens instead of the original promised place. You should have made the effort to move your butts 20 meters were we were, just out of courtesy!

    No offence but your act proved my theory right. Girls are not yet women before they reach their 25th year. Which is in a way bad, because I would like to know u girls a bit better

    Maybe another time, or maybe not! Your call!

    I got a reply by the girl I shorta wanna know better saying that I was rude. After a while I replied at her and below is the convo:

    Me : I know beautiful, I had to be a bit rude. Promise me that u wont be rude to me again by neglecting me and then we are even

    Wanted to see you today and have the chance to know u a bit better, but from what I understood, u didnt. And thats ok

    If I sound pathetic above or rude, I dont mean too. I am an honest person I just dont get why u didnt move to were we where at!!
    U could probably role down the hill to be honest
    roll* XD

    Her: no u did not even have to be a little bit rude, you cannot possibly call me childish when u write such things.. i won't be rude to you, because i no longer want to talk to you. we were in the park first, makes sense that you would come where we were... and i never promised to meet you guys in the first place.. so PLEASE dont bitch about it like a little girl

    Me: I never told u u r acting childish. Quite the opposite. As I said above thats ok, I dont have much time to stay in this country anyway... Shame though, we could have been good friends if I wasnt so negative above. But a lesson is a lesson.
    in other words the ship went off the port
    good travels!

    her: No offence but your act proved my theory right. Girls are not yet women before they reach their 25th year.

    Me: men are always boys
    so its ok to act as I act

    her: ur acting like an asshole....

    me: didnt mean that in a bad way. to be honest I prefer girls than women and no I am not acting like an asshole. I am just telling what I believe. Sorry if it doesnt reside with your beliefs... But please lets stop this conversation here. I dont want to make you my enemy from a potential friend. and lets keep a distance for a while. When Im back from Italy, we can talk and find out who is wrong or right. I might as well be wrong and not able to see it .

    Just wondering how can I turn all this negativity in something good and make her come out with me for a coffee or something (if possible, or is it a lost cause?)


    P.S. forum admins and mods Im sorry, but I wasnt sure where this topic could reside

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    Default Re: How to turn this around?

    dude if a chick is arguing w/ you and especially if you don't know her well, take a break from the convo. Give it a good 3-5 hours for the girl to calm down and come back to the conversation saying: " i completely understand where you're coming from and I just want to say sorry. We don't have to talk, but I would really like another chance to get to know you better." AND BAM. girls lap up sincerity

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