How to tackle the dreaded "Hi hows u" or "Hey, how are you" opener when receiving a message from girls online.

So dry, So lame, so hard to overcome?

Nope! This is an example message for that horrible opener, my best advice is to blast her away with awesome!

Something like this will set your energy high and really get her loosened up, this message provokes a response because your just killing her with skill, but secondly because it's funny and asks a question that she "Should" know

So here it is -

HB - Hey hows you?

PUA - Aww man I couldn't possibly describe how good things are right now! I'm just blasting life away! I'm so good when I turn off the light I'm in bed before it gets dark! Mostly cuz I have a bedside lamp but you know what I'm saying! :P

A little question first though, You know the first step to fun don't you? x

HB - Hahaha your funny! Hmmm is it...... getting drunk? (or something else)

PUA - Haha! Funny!? You think so? Well you ain't even got a clue yet haha!
Nope! Wrong answer! I had such high expectations that you would get this right! :P

It's giving me your number obviously! xx

HB - Hahaha! Such an ego! (insert number here) text me xx

At this point you text the HB and get the "A++" game out!

Been testing this for 6 days now and every time I get that message I get the number! Shit works!

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Happy hunting bro's!