Its on a dating site which has a template and you just fill in the blanks. I think it's pretty funny and might get a few laughs but let me know If its too long, or just give suggestions and feedback. I tried not to put anything vulgar just things to make her think im interesting and make her laugh. I don't have a lot of cool pictures on there, Just 2 of me so far but let me know what you guys think.

My Self Summar: Ok so I'm not going to sit here and say a bunch of things to make myself look good but I am pretty farken awesome if I do say so myself. Not only am I cool and fun to be around but Im also a kung fu chef. Dont know what a kung fu chef is? No problem. Ill tell you right now. I know kung fu. and I can cook. Put those two together and u got "Wataaa!"...that 's Bruce Lee's favorite drink.

Still not convinced? I'm also the second coming of a great spirit put on this earth to show the world the new ways of love. My specialties are Ling-guistics and the sacred art of awakening spirits through kiss.
See those lips right there? They're not just for show but are powerful tools that can make you feel like a young girl on her first date.

What I'm Doing in Life: I didn't get what I want in a past life, so I had to start all over from scratch. I'm not letting those bastards get me, So I taught myself how to love. Women of all shapes and sizes. They say Big Women need love to, and I like girls that are my size that I can pick up and throw around.

I'm not concieted, but I need to get the whole world to love me. They hated me the last time around, but I think they're finally ready to recieve this. How do I plan to do that? You might Ask. Through Music Baby, And Yes I play an Instrument but you'll never guess which one.

Im Really good at: Aside from Everything I just Said, Im the MASTER at just chillen and hanging out. I'm sure there's no one out there who does that better than I can. Think you have what it takes to challenge me? Then I accept your Challenge. We can do this ANYTIME, ANY PLACE, ANY WHERE. You Name it. You Got it. And After I WIN, I'm claiming my prize and if you got what it takes then baby you're mine.

As it turns out, I even took this class in college. and after I finished, I became an Artist. Not that I wasn't before I just didnt know it yet. Just another one of the skills I developed in a past life. So you want to roll with a future star? Just know I got that sauce girl n sharing is caring. Just not my woman cuz baby thats MiNE.

The First thing people notice: my attitude...people can see that sh1t from a mile away. They say only 3 things are visible from space, The great wall of china, The grand canyon and ME. I shine like the sun up in here and I ain't wearing any bling, but when I flash a glimpse of these pearly whites I make the women melt in their pants then I come in to pick up the pieces.

Favorite Books and Movies : read like Einstein at a book fair. I have to REMIND myself that I have a social life before I put the book down. My favorite books to read are the ones which are forbidden, that secret knowledge no one's supposed to know about but is floating around somewhere under the radar waiting for some artistic soul to pick up along the way on the pursuit of truth and knowledge. The mysteries of Life, God, Cosmic experience, the transits of the planets, The human soul, the mysteries of heaven, love and sexual union are just some of the topics I read about. But Like I said, i had to stop reading to rebuild my social life but in my spare can't keep me away from a good book.

I don't watch a lot of T.V. but I'm a gladiator when it comes to movies, I like watching anything that's funny or causes you to have some type of deep philosophical epiphany. Some of my favorite movies of all time are Ninja Turtles I,II, and III, Dumb and Dumber, Apocalypto, Robocop I,II,and III, All Terminators, All Friday movies, Vanilla Sky, The hangovers, The matrix and I could keep on going and going but that wouldn't leave room for my First love.

Music. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be an artist and now I'm livin out my dreams. I'm not quite famous yet but until I make it big I look towards others for inspiration. Some of the people I relate to are Wiz Khalifa, Kirko Bangz, Big Sean, U.G.K., Ludacris, Big KRIT, Nas, Jay Z this band called Benighted, Sepultura, Linkin Park, Angel y Khriz, Archangel Prince Royce LMFAO etc. etc.

Message me if: You're Cool and fun like me. Do u like to laugh and go out like a ninja and do cool fun things? Then Hit me up, we can sizzle under this S.A. sun together, go for a swim, hit the gym, take shots, play video games, and maybe if you're cute I'll even let you beat me in basketball.

If you don't like the outdoors, we can watch movies, cuddle under the blankets, have tickle fights, you can watch me make music and maybe if you're cute I'll even paint a picture of you like Jack did to Rose on the Titanic. Just bring your own necklace cuz somebody stole my last one. Or better yet, Bring Beer, Or Wine, Or Vodka, Or Champagne. I'm not a big drinker, just don't be surprised when I drink yo ass under the table.