was bored with my profile and online dating in general. Wrote this to see what would it would do

About Me:
I believe that the only things you can take with you are your memories so make them worthwhile.

I am the catís meow. I melt in your mouth not in your hand. I party all night and dance till dawn. I trip the light fandango and Iíll knock your socks off.

I donít watch sports. Why watch someone else having all the fun? Letís go out and get ourselves dirty playing instead.

I mix a mean drink, make a 5 alarm chili, and Iíll even wash the dishes.

I believe you should regularly do something that scares you.

I jump in the pool without sticking my toe in first.

I would rather be poor in possessions as long as I can be rich in experiences.

When I stand in high places I always want to jump.

Iím sexy and I know it.

About you:
When I am standing on the cliff looking over the edge at the pounding surf below wondering if this really is a good idea, you are tearing past me jumping into the void screaming your head off with a huge smile on your face.

When I wipe out doing something that was probably pretty stupid to show off for you; you are laughing and recording it to show all our friends later.

When you are sweaty and all covered in mud, you know that you look just as sexy as when you are done up for a night out dancing.

Would rather run through the woods than on a treadmill.

Will give as good as you get.

Wonít take no for an answer.

Scare people some times.