We have been having essay long convos back and forth with each other for days now. I know a block of text doesn't mean much, but we have been having some detailed engaging conversation, with one another. She has been really emphasizing that I am extremely driven and mature for my age. Well, because it's undoubtedly true.

I'm very focused on bodybuilding and my fitness goals and quite the cook, while she is very focused on her fitness goals, almost a certified nutritionist, and an extremely amazing chef of all kinds of exquisite recipes.

While I don't know how our chemistry would mesh because of the age difference and we haven't even met, she seems like the kind of chick with interests and the attractiveness of my ideal perfect wife.

How do I game a "woman"?

I tried once before without much effort from some other chick, and she said she didn't even "know" me so why would she give me her number.

I am not really into the whole club scene and having sex with randoms. I'd rather get into a long term relationship.