Hello there and I just signed up a message board account. I'm new here although I've been visiting the forums since months.

Anyway, I met this girl on facebook and we started of kinda slow. She suspected that I was a fake account and I turned it back on her. She had to send me a friend request.
When we started interacting, for the first week, she was messaging me and I wasn't interested in her so I kinda sent a reply in a message and cut her off. Second week she caught me on chat and as a nice person I gave it a go and found out she's quite interesting (I don't usually go after girls since most of them don't keep up with me).

She showed some common ioi of texting like re-initiating when I stopped and getting new topics to keep the discussion. I've a fairly decent IQ and I'm able to keep up with many people on wide variety of topics so I had no problem keep her interested.

We also had guessing game where she asked me fair amount of questions and vice-versa. I got all the answer correct. The questions were not personal and more like what you think, so I'm taking it they were not sh1t test. Although I did manage to establish my smartness.

Although at one point I mentioned that if I invest all my resources at poker, I'd be a millionaire. To that she replied, that if I get to be a millionaire, she'd marry me. I TRIED to avoid it by saying that I'm not looking for marriages with stranger (I don't know if this served as neg) and she pretty much held to the point.

Recently, she mentioned that she liked someone. She was drew something (she said she'd draw something for me too) for that person and that's how I got it. I dunno if that person and I've equal chances but I'm still game.

Also, she instantly changed the topic after mentioning she liked some person. I think she's still interested in me.

How do I carry it further? I'll have my exams soon and won't be able to catch her much. She comes online for hour or half for 2-3 times in a day. I won't be able to interact for a week.

  • I'm not looking for this to go anywhere but just want to start somewhere to get some experience. We both live in different states.
  • I don't want to provide chat logs due to privacy concerns although I can give excerpts.