Hi guys, Im new to the PUA scene and got a situation here need some advice for what to do.

Trying to keep a long story short

1) Picked up a chick through day game, got her hooked through text
2) Met up for first date, ended in her wanting to f*ck, but I rejected
3) She kept texting after date, I was sparse in reply (showing my high value), got her to send me some pics, she started to sext me, I sext her back but no reply from her.
4) Bumped into her couple days later, told her to hang out next Saturday, never really set a time/place but she agreed and left with her asking to kiss me
5) During the beginning of week, I initiate one text and she responds. After that no contact
6) Saturday (yesterday, day we were supposed to hang out) comes around, no contact. Texted her this (not my usual tone) : "Hey babe, whatcha doing?" with no response. No contact since

7) So now Im not sure what to do,

  • Im thinking either nexting her with no contact or
  • Text her saying i like her but Im getting tired so we should stop seeing each other and im going to move on (cause she seemed really hooked this whole time)

Any advice is appreciated
PS. Shes 18, Im 21, we both know I'm of much higher social value.