Really could use some help guys. So there's this girl I've had a crush on at my work for the past year. During that time I also had a girlfriend and as much as I wanted to cheat at times, I'm just not that kinda guy. Well we recently broke up and I signed up on a few dating sites. I've actually had a considerable amount of success thus far but just saw my co-worker on one of the sites. I've gotten some ioi's from her recently but haven't acted on any of them because I didn't know her status and didn't want to jeopardize my job. Should I drop a casual email through the site (so she see's my profile, which is pretty strong and knows i'm available) or just initiate in person? I don't want to lay on heavy game until I know she is really interested (I want to keep my job) so that's why I'm hesitant on initiating in person. A little background, she's divorced and in her 30's. How should I play this?