Well I've been doing online dating for a few months now. I've done my internet research and experimentation to get my own various routines that get great results; and I'll be honest that none of my routines are my own as I borrow parts or entire openings, topics, number closers, when I get busted how to cover up, and how to reinitiate contact... Now don't forget I am still new and learning and make my own mistakes and just the other day I made one that I consider big... My profile is on POF and is in the style of "I'm all that and that world and your not so good luck getting me" and below is the conversation I had with a HB9+ as she caught my routine. I need help on where to go next:

Me: After a rigorously brief overview of your profile I wanted to let you know I have already married and divorced you in my mind. Thanks for all the wonderful imaginary memories... you will always have a special place in my heart.

your ex-hubby,
P.S. You can keep the dog and I will keep the house in Hawaii =)

HB: I've heard this line at least 2 times this week already... except i usually keep the house and the dude gets the dog...

Me: I'm shocked and appalled that you would accuse me of such things, I am a gentlemen and i will not stand for these allegations... Fine I will address you like all the other guys on here.... Hi, how are you, you're so cute..... Is that to your liking madam? I was right you are straight trouble, and I like it, you better not disappoint me.

YOU keep the house? I don't know about that one Honey, but I suppose I can give you the TV. I know how much your daughter likes the remotes and a Big Screen must taste THAT much better :P

HB: Whatevs. As long as i always win the xbox in the end. I've got great lawyers :P

Me: Alright, you might win custody of the Xbox but surely you aren't also suggesting you can win against me playing it because I am the Champion! You should know, remember the intense competitions we'd have when we were married... Might have caused some arguments but the make-up sex was amazing.

You may have great lawyers but the ball is in my court. Pretty sure it was you and that affair with the pool boy Pablo that caused this divorce.

2 Days pass...

Me: Hey, thanks for helping me win a bet with my buddy

HB: Sure no prob lol.

Now I know and acknowledge my mistake of trying to continue through the routine after I was caught, basically a Hail Mary in hopes that the other guys didn't get the chance to get much farther but I'm assuming that they have which would explain her stop talking. Thus I reinitiated conversation after waiting, and she replied so she must have marginal intrest. However I didn't get much back. So where do I go from her, is she a lost cause or do I try to keep conversation (if so then what do I say?)... Thanks to everyone that helps. I'll keep things posted.