Hey guys,
I had like a date last week and it lasted over 2 hours and we talked and talked endlessly. She pretty much revealed everything about herself in that single encounter ranging from her age, racial background, interests, schooling background, and personal history. Like, she told her entire life story. Plus she's not fat and she's decent looking. Somehow, she already knew I was working at this one place I used to work at and I didn't even tell her that. I thought that was surprising.
Also, I did most of the talking and revealed quite a bit of myself. The girl didn't want the date to end it seemed. She wanted to hear more and more. Eventually I got tired from talking so much and ran out of things to say and then the date ended.
Anyways, I thought it was strange that she revealed so much about herself. I always thought it takes more time to get know more of someone.what are your thoughts of this date?