I got this HB10's number on an internet dating site and have been texting her for a few weeks and I asked if she could hang out and she said that she would be interested, but she's grounded (and yes she's 18), but she said that she could probably get out of it. I then texted her back, "Lol. Grounded!? Well someone's been bad. You just make sure that you behave yourself when you're around me. :P" And got no response. I then texted her three days later, "Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. If you can get out of your grounding that is haha." Also, no response. Then I texted her about ten days later with a simple hi message and still no response.

So, my question is a two-parter: Did I go too far with that joke or does she just take herself too seriously? Also, does anyone have any idea on how I should proceed? I'd really would like to meet this girl, but I think I might of screwed up.