hey guys.. So i met this girl through a friend of mine. its his gf's cousin. Shes almost 16,a virgin, about a 8 outta 10 and im 18. Been texting for 6 weeks and went on 3 actual dates.. hungout with group of people a few times.. My buddy says that shes telling her cousin that she likes me... i just started college 2 days ago.. im 110kms away from home and her. We've talked about a relationship and our age, she said that her parents dont allow her to date 18 or over... so i told her i dont care how long it takes for them to trust me i just want to know that there's something here... i dont want to waste my time right. Anyways im not sure how to approach asking her for picture(s). she also told me shes gonna miss me when im gone.. so i think things are going pretty good.. i really dont want to mess this up.. i really like her... and we get along great, every girl ive dated before had problems looking at me in the eyes lol.. dont ask why cause i have no idea but with her.. its not a problem.