HB9 is the target on pof, her lookingfor is set to intimate encounter so Bitch Shield is set to full captain. She's got next to no about me, nothing interesting under interests.

Me: I'm luring girls back to my house with candy, do you prefer Skittles or M&M's?

Her: ew

Me: No no no...see you're supposed to say "LOL" then respond with a witty retort.

You're not very good at this, are you?

Her: would you be willing fulfill a fantasy..of..mine and let my
guy friend suck your c&ck, ( even if it's for..2..minutes)
then you and I can meet and you f#ck me anyway and in
any..hole..you want?..I want this done because i'm looking
for a guy who is..willing to do..almost anything for me

Me: Sweetheart, that is a helluva segway


any advice where to take it from there? I don't really think she was being serious, but... its the internet and I've learned never to underestimate the weird levels.

It struck me as odd that she self-censored the naughty words.