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    Default Scheduling a hang out after she suggests it?

    So I've been texting this girl who is about a 7/10. we were talking and she said that we should hang out some time. I agreed, saying we should go to the mall sometime or something.

    She said "sure, just us or with friends ?" I said "just us, probably. My friends are jerks when I'm with a girl lol "

    She said "why not other people? hahaa I see whatcha tryna doo "

    I said "cuz of my friends lol"

    She said "hahaa excusess ! c'mon you gotta admit that you only wana go wiff meh ! "

    What should I say from here to schedule a hang out?

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    Default Re: Scheduling a hang out after she suggests it?

    Okay, a couple of notes:

    - "we should go to the mall sometime or something" is extremely unclear. Be specific. Take charge and say let's meet up at x for x at x. Women love it when a man takes charge.

    - Don't put your friends down. A friend is someone you love to hang out with and who you always try to help. You're not just being fake to your bros here - talking negatively about others makes you seem insecure, too, and confidence is a major issue for women in a man.

    I don't really have a reply for you right now; nothing is coming up in my head. I just wanted to give you the pointers above.

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