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    Default Using Compliance Tests

    The compliance test is a severely underused tool that can help in gauging a women’s interest in you.
    But let me first start with a word of caution directed specifically to the college/university guys. I can’t even begin to list the schools that have begun regulating the new “Unless There’s Consent” policy. This policy basically states that men (and women) are to always assume no unless they VOCALLY say yes (which is kind of the opposite of compliance testing.) If you don’t get an out loud, “Yes, I want to have sex with you,” then you can get into deep shit. She can literally give absolutely NO resistance, then turn around and charge you with sexual assault or rape. I don’t want to get into the specifics of this. That can be a separate post if you would like—just ask—but a word to the wise: Proceed with caution. Be careful and know your girls.

    So, the Compliance Test.
    A Compliance Test is a situation you create for a girl in which no action means yes, and an action required may not necessarily mean no, but rather not right now (unless she obviously means no.) These tests work well because most women want men to lead the interaction. It also allows you to remain in your comfort zone without having to take greater risks at rejection. Here are a couple different scenarios:

    Scenario #1
    You are on a group date out at one of your favorite restaurants. You have a corner booth with a wrap around table so everyone is seated next to one another consecutively (you next to your date.) Things are going well, so you decide to utilize a compliance test. Take her hand and put it on your thigh. If she takes no action (complies) take that as a yes. If she does take action (by removing her hand) it may not necessarily mean no, but not now. Maybe she’s just not a fan of PDA. Something like that.

    Scenario #2
    You’re back at your place and things are getting heated. While you two are making out take her hands and put them on your belt. Once again, if she takes no action (well…there will be some action) by leaving her hands there that’s a green light. If she takes action in the sense that she removes her hands it may not necessarily mean no, but maybe not now. Not yet.

    Hope you enjoy the post and start using this!
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    Default Re: Using Compliance Tests

    Great post! Thanks for that! I realized I've been subconsciously doing some of that, good to see that I'm on the right track!

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