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    Default Advice on Girl I Met in Club

    Hey don't know much of the terminology here, but thought one of you could give me some advice anyway.

    Met a girl in a club 2 weeks ago today, approached her and about 4 other friends when they were sitting around a table.

    Got on really well, had a laugh, my arms around her etc. Went to dance floor and after a while went for a kiss. She mentioned something about the fact she doesn't like kissing people she's just met, and needed a second date !

    So got her number and eventually met up a week later.

    We spent about 6 hours together in a Shisha place. I had an amazing time, and i could tell she was too. We were cuddling, made out a couple times, and constantly laughing with each other.

    After the date, we agreed to go out clubbing, but both ended up being too tired so just called it a night.

    I texted her on Saturday asking if she wanted to go to a restaurant she mentioned. She said she was going there that night with some other friends, and finished the text with "next time xx"

    So i texted her monday night (i know this could be overkill) saying in a playful way i was taking her out Weds (today incidentally), and haven't got a reply

    Not sure what to do now, and very confused as to why she would just stop contact.

    We are both at university, and this is basically exam time, so i understand she may have no free time whatsoever, but haven't even got a simple text explaining that !

    As a side note, when i met her the second time, she apologised for not always answering my texts straight away.

    I don't usually say this about girls, but this one really made an impression on me, and would love another date with her.

    Thanks for reading !

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    Default Re: Advice on Girl I Met in Club

    Hey blimey,

    Sound like she's flaking bro'. Wait till Fri, then try text her again. If she flakes again I'd move on. I would also wait maybe a month and text again, "hey i just saw something which reminded me of you." It's my favourite text. It should prompt curiosity and a response.

    Hope this helps

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