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    Default Think I might have this down...texting and leading Into Second Date!



    Have been texting back and forth with this fine lady (HB8, definite girlfriend material for various reasons) for the last few weeks, she initiated, from OKCupid.

    First date was amazing. Great ioi, watched her body language, qualified, built rapport and comfort, the triangle and finally: K-closed.

    I have been watching myself to not get oneitis (AIN'T gonna happen this time and have another date with a HB7 lined up just in case!) and have been worried about overtexting (since my last failure). So, I'm keeping it one to one.

    She called last night and we talked for about an hour, we both were busy so we left plans for next week as "tentative" and we're going to compare schedules.

    Texted her this morning with the old "Did you know that KISS and LIPS are typed the same on your phone?" text game bit. No response yet, but she's at a jobsite until 5.

    How do you all think I'm doing so far? I'm going away for the weekend, should I initiate any further contact until she responds? Even then, I think I should hold off until Monday after I leave to build a little mystery.

    She has her first roller derby bout this weekend (she's a bit apprehensive about it but looking forward to it nonetheless), also, and I was wondering if I should be supportive and text her then to see how it went, or also just hold off until Monday.

    My game? Solid?

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    Default Re: Think I might have this down...texting and leading Into Second Date!

    I'd suggest perhaps a supportive text wishing her luck. Nothing too lengthily or thought out, just something real quick.

    As far as setting up a seccond date and creating mystery I'd do the following:
    1. Compare schedules just as you had planned then set the date.
    2. Plan what your doing yourself and don't tell her what you'll be doing together. Thus the mystery, you may enjoy making her guess. Lol
    3. Maybe tell her the attire she'll need (they always do)
    4. Make the date a really unique place she wouldn't be likely to have gone before, make it exciting. (judging from you saying girlfriend material) After all your trying to be that exciting guy who sweeps her off her feet... Yes?

    Let us know how you go,

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