Whats Up rs5096,

Hey guys I was hoping you could help me with a dilemma I'm having. This girl that I really like was hitting it off with just became my girlfriend. Heres the problem. Everything was going great then earlier this week she texted me a long message asking if she's been a bad girlfriend because according to her she puts a lot of weight on me when she tells me about school and track (she has summer school) since I left school about 3 weeks ago I've only seen her once a week and mostly texted her. The long text went on to say how she is sooo grateful to have a supportive boyfriend and how she's afraid of failure in our relationship and she's gonna change the way she interacts with other guys (she can come off as slightly flirty at times). She said how she doesn't wanna mess up. about three days later she texts me that she messed up and cuddled with another dude and she was sorry. She said she wanted to vomit ect.. I went up there because we had set a date earlier and spoke about it. She is soooo nice and sweet and sexy in every aspect but we just made it official and then this, but never when we were dating and able to see other people. I told her it wasn't so much jealousy but disrespect that I felt and that I will not allow people to trample on my feelings. I said if she's not ready for a serious relationship that fine and to let me know (Since we re both only 20 and in college I understand). She held my hands and said she is ready for a relationship and wants to have one with me. I said okay and we went to dinner and movies we paid half and half. I like this girl a lot !!! I really don't know what to do.

Thanks again Torres1