Hey guys,

I always struggled with what to send in the first text. I used to send the classic AFC 'Want to go for a drink sometime?'

But I had a session with Hayley Quinn, a leading female PUA, and she is awesome at text game. I sent the following text to a girl and got a great response:

'Hey Christine, am currently out with work friends and can see some grumpy waiters that I'm sure u would love to wind up! Bet u are watching the Muppets movie now whilst gorging on chocolate...Jimmy from Starbucks'

Hayley gave me this basic first text structure:

1. Hey (HB's name) Or if you have a nickname for her based on something funny that happened in set, even better.
2. Remid her of the high point of the interaction, i.e. if there was something you both bonded over or laughed over a great deal.
3. Make an assumption about what she's doing now based on what you find out about her in set. So instead of asking her 'how was your evening?' you can say 'Bet you did this...'
4. Have a question, ideally a specific one, so they have something to respond to.
5. Your name and a nickname reminding her of the interaction e.g. 'Jimmy fromStarbuks'

Hope this helps guys!