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    Default BooyakaSHA POF profile review

    OK so I am new to the forum and also new to

    I basically copied a profile I saw on here on the forum, just adapted it to me. I am open to any criticism and may end up totally revamping it. I probably will end up going with Style's idea of being an asshole on the profile then being down to earth in real life. but anyway just let me know what you think. might be too long.

    Hi! I can see you are viewing my profile so right there, I assume we already have the attraction thing going on!!

    WARNING!!! If you are boring or are not up for having fun adventures please stop reading this profile immediately!!!

    I am looking for friends who are open, curious, and who have a great attitude!

    My great passion is life is to be a professional poker player!!! I have laser-like focus so don't try to BS me! I will read you like a book!

    I am very into working out and I will certainly beat you in a pushup contest if challenged!

    I hate watching TV except for the NBA! Go Miami

    The world is vast and fast and I want to soak it up! Message me if you are thirsty for life and hungry for new information and experiences.

    I have a BURNING DESIRE to achieve certain things and I become very engrossed in my goals.

    My latest hobby is standup comedy, laughter is my religion! If you are too insecure to handle being busted on from time to time, please do not apply!

    My car stereo is worth almost as much as my car so if you ride with me be prepared to DANCEPARTY!

    After I finish up my BA in Political Science I will be in Law School. Words fascinate me and language is my paintbrush. Just for kicks I also study philosophy, body language, psychology, spirituality, and of course poker. I do settle down over a cup of coffee or whatever for serious conversations with friends. Good convo is a big thing with me.

    In addition to surrounding myself with totally awesome people who have my back as I have theirs, I also frequently talk to all kinds of random people I see on the street or at a restaurant or wherever if they seem to have that positive zealous vibe that I have! My cup runneth over!

    So yea I love to chat with new people so hit me up and tell me what else you have going for you besides your cute profile pictures

    Here is a possible discussion topic: I just got on to this site and I have never done anything like this before. So just to put myself in a woman's shoes for a brief moment, I did a reverse search (that is women seeking men) on here. I must say, as an aspiring stand up comedian, I know funny when I see it, and these young gentlemen's profiles are HI-LAR-I-OUS!!!! How did I become the only one in here with my shirt on? I will be sure to upload some pictures taken via camera phone in front of a bathroom mirror STAT!

    First Date Levitating over a waterfall
    perhaps going to a baseball game, and signing up to the be the people who put on those giant fake fat sumo wrestler suits during the 7th inning break or whatever, complete with fake black pony tail headgear, and waddle out on to the field to have a sumo wrestling match, complete with chest thumping and karate warmup dances, all while the crowd is absolutely going wild just on the edge of their seat cheering!!! (I'll even let you win one out of the three rounds to build the drama)
    got any better ideas?
    sWayZ, as in Patrick.

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    Default Re: BooyakaSHA POF profile review

    I think itís too long, you donít have long to catch a girls attention, and girls properly wonít ever message you unless they are 1 to 5s. So your profile is only good to convince them to reply to you when you message them!

    Make it shorter and you should be good!

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