yeah so this girl thinks I have not been very emotional or show her so much feelings. She actually said she would want to spend a very "emotional" weekend with me because she felt like she needs it from me.

She wants to know that I Need her. She told me a couple of times that she loves me, that I'm a good man for her, that she would think I have what she wants for a family in future, being very open.

So what's the problem? Yeah I did tell her that I am in love with her. Maybe I didn't convince her enough. I told her a couple of times that I have very strong feelings and that this Really is something special for me. I could be sometimes "pushing her" to meet up. And I would do things like take days off from work and it never happened to me before with any girl. I told her this, of course she was very happy to hear it.

Am I going AFC if I just pull her in emotionally, will this make her lose interest? Am I pacing her too much?