Hi guys,

I'm sure you may have tried online dating before. I'm not sure at how successful your were at it. There are a lot of factors that can make or break an online dating experience. Setting up your profile, pictures you choose to use, what to say, many things.

The first rule to dating successfully using a website is to have a decent profile. Profiles that are too blank are just boring and seem inactive, so people will not respond much to you. Find some good pictures of yourself, preferably doing something outdoors or hanging out with friends. Pictures from your wild night out, which even you canít remember should not be up on your profile nor should a million pictures of your pet tarantula.

Your profile should make you seem like an interesting person, and your profile information can display your interests honestly. Do not write an essay on your page, just keep it short, simple and honest, highlighting some things about your personality like I am a fun-loving person or I am a sporty guy. What you do for a living and what are some ways you like to spend time, such as working out or drinkís with friends.

Hope this helps, and I look forward to chatting with you all