Last week when I got home from outta country, I went back to work for one day, then got sick for the rest of week.
Going from this streak of highs to sudden lows, suddenly sitting at home sick.. I felt a void of adventure and teasing HB's hehe so I went to an online dating site. I've never really done it, except once like 5 years ago when I got some free trial.

Enough back story, so a few days ago on Saturday is when I went on this site. I made a short, fairly descriptive profile with a bit of humor and a couple pics, one of me, and one from my recent travels (good timing I guess).

I figured ill use it as a crutch, for times like that when I'm ill or just bored somewhere; and just let it mostly sit without seeking other women much. I don't wanna rely on it at all much, besides I've always thought its nerdy and don't really need it. Oh wat the heck tho? Another option. I got bored and sent out those winks, like ten.

I guess I'm doin ok, I got 2 interested outta the blue, and one hb milf lookin type responded to my wink. I figure ill respond to her later tonite or tomorrow, since I'm too busy at work right now hehe.

From there I dunno, just gonna wing it in an email. Sorry this was a lot longer of a post than needed haha, I just wanted to say I'm trying the online thing and got a few bites in a couple days. Any input appreciated

Game on..